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With over 17 years of certified audio engineering experience, we can get the job done. We have everything you need to get a complete project done from start to finish. If you need a skilled musician, we have a few on call that can assist you. If you need a full instrumental, we can get that done as well. Just let us know what you need and we will do all we can to make it happen .

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There are 3 different levels of mixing music that we offer. They are listed below. 1) Factory Sound Is the base level using factory standard plugins that comes with the DAW. You will have a nice clean digital radio/ CD quality mix. This is fairy inexpensive. 2) House Sound may be a little bit more in price but it gives you a better grade quality of plugins that makes your music sound a bit smoother with more dynamic range that fills up the room. 3) Full Studio Sound is the most expensive of the 3 . It gives you the nice warmth of the analog studio using the top of the line industry standard plugins and effects that artists like Drake, Usher, Pharrell, T.I., Adele and more uses in their music to give you that global sound that you can play on any media platform or outlet. In the end you will get a great quality sounding recording. It just depends on the level you would like for your personal and unique taste.

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We are not your average recording studio. We can help you get your music registered properly and on all the top DMS ( Digital Music Stores) across the globe. We also can help you get your music to over 6000 royalties paying radio stations across the world.

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